Personality Dimensions Sales & Customer Service

Personality Dimensions® system is the primary tool for self assessment which serves the principal vehicle to accept and respect different life values and work styles.

Workshop Summary:

Personality Dimensions® can help any organization design effective sales and marketing campaigns and customer service programs that recognize and accommodate the diverse preferences and communication style of customers.

Workshop Objective:

Understanding of personality or temperament theory is a very effective tool in facilitating team creation and building, in corporate communications and in enhancing customer service and satisfaction, providing innovative solutions to problems by tapping into creative energy or every temperament preference, to enable them to quickly adapt to rapidly changing conditions.

Examples of Different Work Styles

Blue – “I believe it is important to run an organization where people have a great deal of interaction and individual differences are honoured.”

Gold – “I stabilize the organization by being dependable, sticking to business and creating standard operating procedures.”

Green – “I am a terrific problem solver and welcome the challenge to come up with a creative solution that will benefit the organization.”

Orange – “I prefer short term work or work on different projects. I don’t like to work with long term complex problems where you can’t take some immediate action.”

Personality Dimensions

 Half Day Workshop Format:

This Workshop Will Focus on Fostering Sales and Customer Service Skills and Includes The Following Components:

  • Introductions and Needs Analysis
  • Workshop Overview
  • Brief History of Personality Dimension®
  • Identifying Personality Dimensions® (Using Cards and Checklist)
  • The Impact of Introverted and Extraverted tendencies

Brightening The Colours:

  • Working In Primary Colour Groups
  • Clarifying The Perceptions Each Colour Group May Have

Full Day Workshop Format:

This Workshop Will Include All Components From The Half Day Workshop Plus:

Blending The Colours:

  • Working in Groups Different Style Preferences
  • Recognizing That One Size Doesn’t Fit All
  • Create Marketing Campaigns That Capture in the Interest of Diverse Customers


  • Working From One’s Least Preferred Style
  • Recognizing and Meeting the Needs of the Most Misunderstood Customers

Learning Outcomes: Participants Will Learn To:

  • Identify the needs and preferences of co-workers/customers/clients
  • Identify the unique way others perceive things – such as benefits and rewards
  • Respect diverse co-workers/customers/clients
  • Recognize and accommodate the communication styles of their co-workers/customers/clients


“I would recommend this program to any employer, to be used as a tool for hiring and for improving job performance. Staff will benefit also, by better understanding themselves and others.” Lora Schattle – Palliser Health Care

Target Audience:

This information can be used immediately with managers, co-workers, counters and customers.

Groups of 25 people per session. (Please contact me for information on larger groups)

All programs are available to be delivered at your site or a training room can be provided for 15 participants on the dates you prefer. 

Cost: Workshop Facilitator Rate:

Half Day                    $900.00

Full Day                  $1,600.00

Personality Dimensions® Participant Package     $12.00/Person

Additional expenses for your organization include my travel costs from Medicine Hat to your location and return to Medicine Hat (flights or mileage @ $0.68/km), accommodations (hotel to be booked by your organization), cab or pick-up to/from airport and a meal allowance of $75.00/day.