Personality Dimensions: Accepting and Respecting Different Work Styles

Personality Dimensions System is the primary tool for self assessment which serves as the principal vehicle to accept different work styles

Workshop Summary:

Personality Dimensions experience is a half day or full day workshop designed to provide employees, with a basic awareness of how their personality can influence their experiences. Unlocking the mystery of human behaviour is one of the most puzzling topics of our time. Personality Dimensions is an easy and entertaining concept to help individuals self identify their innate and unique character to better understand themselves and others.

Workshop Objective:

  • Understand individual preferences, styles and temperament types
  • Recognize your own unique blend of strengths and qualities
  • Learn to appreciate other’ differences
  • Use your knowledge of self and others to improve interpersonal relations

Examples of Different Work Styles:

Blue – “I believe it is important to run an organization where people have a great deal of interaction and individual differences are honoured.”

Gold – “I stabilize the organization by being dependable, sticking to business and creating standard operating procedures.”

Green – “I am a terrific problem solver and welcome the challenge to come up with a creative solution that will benefit the organization.”

Orange – “I prefer short term work or work on different projects. I don’t like to work with long term complex problems where you can’t take some immediate action.”

Personality Dimensions

Workshop Format:

  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • The Personality Dimensions® Participant Package
    • Includes 1 Copy of Each:
      • Personality Dimensions® Scoring Sheet
      • Introversion/Extroversion Quiz
      • Traits & Characteristics Choices
      • Personality Dimensions® PD in Action Take Home Booklet
  • Sorting the Dimension Picture Cards/Score
  • Sorting the Life Value Cards/Score
  • Completing the Traits and Characteristics Choices/Final Score
  • Forming Brightened Groups (Same Colour Groups)
  • Present Information to Larger Group
  • Closing

Outcome: Developing self understanding will:

  • Increase appreciation for colleagues
  • Improve communication
  • Help deal with conflicts
  • Enhance problem solving and decision making
  • Help deal with organizational change
  • Recognize and manage stress

All programs are available to be delivered at your site or a training room can be provided on the dates you prefer.

Cost: Workshop Facilitator Rate:

Half Day $900.00

Full Day $1,600.00

Personality Dimensions® Participant Package $12.00/Person

Additional expenses for your organization include my travel costs from Medicine Hat to your location and return to Medicine Hat (flights or mileage @ $0.68/km), accommodations (hotel to be booked by your organization), cab or pick-up to/from airport and a meal allowance of $75.00/day.