On the Road to Self-Empowerment

This simple yet empowering course will help you see the best and worst in your life and guide you to be proactive rather than reactive to what happens around you.

Workshop Summary:

Why do we go through life blaming others for our problems? Why do we make the choices we make? Why do we believe what we believe?


Workshop Objective:

Often we ask ourselves these questions and there are times that we are unable to find the answers. This program will help you understand why we do the things we do and why we react the way we do in a given situation. It will challenge you to sit in the driver’s seat and make the choices that will help you take responsibility for your life, actions, career and feelings. It will teach you that you have the free will to live your life the way you choose to live it, to set goals you want to meet, and then meet them!


Workshop Format:

  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Introduction and Overview


Route 1 – Who Are You? And What Do You Want?

  • Self Awareness
  • How Did I Get Here?

“When you know who you are, you are freer to be who you are not! Sometimes to get along better with others and to do you work, you have to behave in ways that do not march who you are.” – Linda Beern


Route 2 – Choices – The Dilemma of Free Will

  • Have To’s VS. Want To’s
  • The Life Choices I’ve Made

“Free will allows us all to choose, to act and to be. There are no “have to’s” in life. Everthing is a choice and it is our choices that create our successes and failures.”


Route 3 – Self-Empowerment

  • Self-Empowered Individuals Do Not Give Away Their Power Or Allow Others To Control Them

“Self-Empowerment is a choice we make to live with a sense of purpose and responsibility.” – Friedrich Nietzsche


Route 4 – Thought VS. Feeling

  • A Mental Reaction, How You Interpret The Situation
  • An Emotional Reaction, Which Results From Your Interpretation
  • A Behavioural Reaction: Based On Your Feelings You Act In A Certain Way

“What We Think, We Become.” – Buddha


Route 5 – Power Of Belief

  • What Do I Really Believe?
  • How Beliefs Run Our Lives

“What you and I believe may be the single greatest roadblock to our own growth – even the growth we seek.” – Jerry Lopper


Route 6 – Getting Into The Drivers Seat Of Your Life/Career

  • Life Circumstances
  • Write Your Own Life

“To be self-empowered you need to look in the mirror and take responsibility for your life. If you are not happy, if you do not like your current situation, what ever the problem is, you need to know it is your responsibility and you have to power to make different choices or, you can choose to keep doing what you have always done. It is your choice.”


Learning Outcomes:

The attendees understand the concept… Know who you are and what you want. Choose to choose in every detail of your life. Have a plan so you know if you are working towards your goals and dreams or away from them. The small daily choices are what matter; small choices have a big impact on changing your life. Start today and if you fall back, choose to get back on track.



“I really enjoyed this one. I don’t usually enjoy workshops by this was definitely an exception!!” Louise Holmes


What Groups Found Most Useful:

  • Having all the concepts in one binder/presentation
  • Loved Peggy’s stories to bring the concepts home
  • Great examples
  • I love the way the manual is set out, and all the hands-on exercises
  • The power of beliefs and how to change them
  • Changing thinking from “I have to” – to “I want to/need to”
  • Knowing how to help employees to become self-empowered

All programs are available to be delivered at your site or a training room can be provided for 15 participants on the dates you prefer.


Cost: Workshop Facilitator Rate

Half Day               $700.00

Full Day             $1,400.00

Two Full Days   $2,800.00

Additional expenses for your organization include my travel costs from Medicine Hat to your location and return to Medicine Hat (flights or mileage @ $0.51/km), accommodations (to be booked by your organization), cab or pick-up to/from airport and a meal allowance of $75.00/day.